Case Study - 3116 TiMill End Mill

Case Study | 3116 timill End Mill

Check out our latest Proven Cost Savings, where our high performance end mill reduces in part machining costs, machining time, and generates more parts per tool.


Fullerton Tool Company 
3116 TiMill End Mill Radius with FC-13 Coating


Competitor B
HP End Mill Radius with Coating


Test Location: Kansas
Industry: Aeropace
Operations Executed: Roughing
Processed Material: Titanium 6AL4V
Machining Conditions - Fullerton: 1121 RPM/220 SFM, .008 FPT/53.79 IPM, .040 ADOC, .040 RDOC
Machining Conditions - Competitor: 1121 RPM/220 SFM, .008 FPT/44.82 IPM, .040 ADOC, .040 RDOC
Parts Machined - Fullerton: 150 Parts/Tool
Parts Machined - Competitor B: 43 Parts/Tool


Fullerton's 3116 TiMill Radius end mill created a 19% reduction in part machining costs.

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