Custom Saw Generates Over $177,000 in Cost Savings

Check out our latest proven cost savings, where our custom-designed saw reduced machining costs, increased production hours, and created an overall savings in total cost. Our fully customized saw, created specifically for our automotive customer's manufacturing process, helped our customer generate over $177,000 in cost savings. Find out how we achieved this by reading below.


An automotive customer came to us with an urgent request to make an order of saws since their current supplier had quality issues that lead to skyrocketed usage that was resulting in damaging expensive custom arbors and causing unexpected tool failures. Our Fullerton team was able to keep their plant running by making design changes on the fly, expediting orders, regrinding tools, and holding inventory on special blanks to cut lead times down. Everybody from inside sales, expediting, manufacturing, engineering, and sales were involved.

Our efforts have since stabilized the unexpected failures and we have more than doubled tool life. All of this was achieved by working around the previous design constraints. Since then, we have introduced an experimental saw that has produced the best profile their plant has ever seen. Building on this, we have a second design iteration that will keep all the enhancements we made, while also making the saw more economical which should produce even greater cost savings in the future.

With our specially designed saw, we have been able to double tool life, and increase the number of production hours - adding 87 additional hours, decreasing labor cost, and generating over $177,000 in cost savings. 


  • Doubled Tool Life 
  • $4,000 Labor Cost Savings per Year
  • 87 Additional Production Hours Regained
  • $177,000 Total Cost Savings

Find out more about how our custom tooling solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs, specific to your complex machining applications at

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