How Edge Preps Optimize Carbide Cutting Tools

Edge preps are crucial for carbide-cutting tools because they can significantly improve the tool's performance, tool life, and accuracy. Edge preps are a manufacturing technique where the cutting edge of a tool is modified or polished on the cutting edge.


There are several reasons why edge preps are important for carbide-cutting tools.

  1. Tool Life: The edge prep helps to distribute the cutting load evenly across the tool's edge, reducing the amount of stress on any one point of the tool. This helps to prevent chipping and premature wear, which can increase the tool's lifespan.
  2. Cutting Performance: The edge prep can also improve the tool's cutting performance by reducing the cutting forces and improving the tool's ability to penetrate the material. This can result in faster cutting speeds, improved surface finishes, and reduced tool deflection.
  3. Accuracy: A well-designed edge prep can also improve the accuracy and consistency of the cutting operation. This is particularly important in applications where tight tolerances are required. 
  4. Chip Control: The edge prep can help to control the size and shape of the chips produced during cutting. This can reduce the risk of chip recutting, which can damage the tool and the workpiece. 

Edge preps are important for carbide-cutting tools because they can improve tool life, cutting performance, accuracy, and chip control. A well-designed edge prep can also help to reduce the overall cost of machining by increasing productivity and reducing the need for tool changes.

Fullerton Edge Preps

Our tooling is available with a variety of standardized edge preps to provide the best cutting tools for your use and application. Learn about our most popular edge preps below.

Edge Prep Type Edge Prep Description
MP02 Polish High polish with light edge prep, great for non-ferrous materials, particularly aluminum.
MH02 Edge Prep Light edge prep is often used in steels.
MH04 Edge Prep Medium-edge prep is often used in titanium.
MH06 Edge Prep Medium-edge prep is often used in cast iron.
MH08 Edge Prep Larger edge prep is used in special applications and larger tools.
PP02 Post Coating Polish Droplet removal polish.


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