Understanding the Smart Tool Number

The Fullerton Smart Tool numbering system can be very daunting at first glance. We want to make it easier on you and break it down so you can get a better understanding. First we will go through our non-standard, or special, products. These are our Z# Descriptions.






The first two digits are the code for the type of tool.

ZB = Special Burr (Special Rotary File)

ZD = Special Drill/Porting Tools/Form Tools with Drill Point

ZE = Special End Mill/Chamfer Mills/Wood Routers

ZF = Special STEP End Mill/Porting Tools/Form Tools with Drill Point

ZG = Special STEP End Mill/Chamfer Mills/Wood Routers

ZK = Special Keyseat Cutter

ZM = Special Miscellaneous/Countersinks/Boring Tools/Dovetail

ZR = Special Reamer/Form Tool/Counterbore

ZS = Special Saw

ZT = Special STEP Reamer/Form Tool/ Counterbore




Digits 3-6 indicates the series of tool (GDRL used for G-drills).




Digits 7-11 are the diameter, “D” represents a decimal place and means the tool is under 1”, a number here means the tool is over 1”. For step tools, the smallest diameter is to be used.




Digits 12-16 are the date. “08” is the year, “176” is the day of the year.




Digit 17 indicates who created the number; each person charged with creating numbers has a set of numbers or letters assigned to them.




Digits 18-20 are for revision levels.

Blank = original or no revision

A, B, C = revision level

Add X1 for test revision

_99 = regrind

_98 = rework





Next, we will be going over our Standard Descriptions.


3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE


 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

The first 4 digits reference the series number.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

Digits 5-6 is the LOC indicator.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

Digits 7-11 will appear if the tool is coated.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

Digits 12-16 is the end treatment indicator, following by the size of the treatment.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

Digits 17-20 is the tool diameter.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

Digits 21-22 is the cut direction.



 3200SDTIALNR0.030.3750RH SE

The last set of digits describes either a single end or a double end.



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