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When Your Cutting Tool Is Not to Blame - Understanding Acceleration & Deceleration in Machining

Posted by Beth Bauer on July 07, 2016
Beth Bauer

Acceleration (ACC) and deceleration (DEC) are important factors when machining, there are many issues that can arise when changing directions and the effect it has on your cutting tool’s life.  This tool tip will help explain what to watch for when programmed parameters are not maintained and how to know if your cutting tool is not the cause of the bottle neck.


Acceleration (ACC):


  • Acceleration in a straight line.


  • Acceleration while moving around a corner such as a radius needing to be generated.
  • Difficult to control this type of acceleration rate.


Deceleration (DEC):

  • Is required to permit a safe change in direction.
  • Machine decelerates to maintain the part tolerance while proceeding around a corner of the workpiece.


Mass & Weight:

  • These are both an issue when machining.
  • The machine must be capable of safely slowing the machine mass down to change directions.


Machine damage will occur if you manipulate the Acceleration/Deceleration rate of the machine control, such as ball screw damage, bad surface finishes and machine jerk.


Example - High Performance Drilling:

  • Hole is 1.5” Deep
  • Programmed at 380 IPM
  • Drilling TIC = 2 Tenths of a Second
  • The machine must change directions when at depth.
  • The machine will not achieve 380 IPM in this application due to ACC/DEC rates.



Program the tooling and monitor the actual feed rates.  This will allow you to optimize the tool life and maintain the actual programmed parameters.


From this tool tip, you now understand how great of an impact acceleration and deceleration rates have on your machining processes.  The next time a bottle neck arises, check your acceleration and deceleration rates before you blame the cutting tool.

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