Custom Drill, Chamfer, Back Chamfer Tool Saved Customer $114K Annually

Here at Fullerton, we're passionate about generating cost savings for our customers and creating custom tooling solutions specific to our customers' needs. Here is a recent success that incorporates both and is a great example of how our custom tooling solutions can revolutionize manufacturing processes and drive significant cost savings.

Our customer, a high-volume manufacturer, was looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. They were using 361 tools annually for this single operation which required a substantial amount of tool changes.

Our team scooped in, designed, and manufactured a custom drill, chamfer, back chamfer cutting tool that eliminated the need for 3 tools with this 1 unique tool design. This single tool allowed our customer to drill, chamfer, and then back chamfer with no tool changes; resulting in less time setting up tooling, a reduction in the amount of tooling needed, and an overall reduction in their total cost per piece. The best part? We were also able to help them save over $114,000 a year with this tool swap-out.


Drill, Chamfer, Back Chamfer


Check out these Savings:

  • 267 Fewer Tools Needed (94 Drill, Chamfer, Back Chamfer's needed annually compared to 361 tools needed annually)
  • 1,068 Fewer Tool Changes Generating Over $10,500 in Savings
  • $114,729 in Annual Tool Savings
Want to see our custom, Drill, Chamfer, Back Chamfer in action? Check out the video below.

This is just another example of the power of customized tooling solutions. By taking the time to understand our customer's specific needs, we're able to design a tool to address their problems, all while delivering exceptional results. 

Contact our amazing Quoting team or Sales team to find out more about our customized tooling solutions.

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