Achieve Rapid Harmonic-Free Stock Removal Rates with the Harmon-i-Cut

Achieve Rapid Harmonic-Free Stock Removal Rates with the Harmon-i-Cut High-Performance End Mill


This month we will focus on one of our most successful legacy tools, the 3400 Harmon-i-Cut end mill. Nearly two decades ago, we recognized the advancements in machining technology demanded increasingly aggressive machining operations to enhance productivity and reduce production costs. Advancements in spindle technology enabled greater spindle speeds while maintaining the necessary power to perform more aggressive cutting operations. With the greater acceptance and application of high-speed machining (HSM) practices in programming, spindle speeds were increased to a range which was greater than those traditionally used for an increase in material removal rates (MRR) over traditional tools. High-speed machining is achieved by increased axial depth of cut and higher spindle speeds, combined with constant chip loads requiring new high-performance tooling design.

One limitation in achievable MRR is self-excited vibrations of the cutting tools, known as chatter. Chatter is caused by variations in the inconsistent chip thickness caused when the vibration of the tooth currently engaged in the cut is out of phase with the vibration of the previous tooth.

Specifically engineered geometries greatly reduce chatter leading to smoother running, faster feed rates. These tools are ideal for all roughing and finishing operations, offering longer tool life and improved surface finishes.

Harmon-i-cut end mills have engineered flute shape designed for maximum rigidity, variable helix, variable rake, superb chip evacuation, and excellent shearing action. Reduced load pressures and super stiff design promotes less chatter, achieving rapid Harmonic-free stock removal at rates never seen before. By utilizing chip thinning strategies, significant increases in productivity and tool life can be achieved. These methods are also helpful when using machines with less power and stability. Even with weaker machines and less stable working conditions, very high cutting parameters can be achieved. These strategies are particularly effective for increasing process reliability in difficult to machine materials or challenging applications.

Consider our 3400 series Harmon-i-cut a cut above the rest. With our vast inventory of sizes and configurations, we can provide a solution for your needs.Contact your dedicated Fullerton sales contact to get started.  Find your Fullerton Regional Sales Manager at

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