Meet Todd Johnson - Application Specialist for Southeast

We are happy to announce that Todd Johnson is Fullerton's newest Application Specialist. Todd will be responsible for customers in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

2022-Todd-JTodd comes to us with 30 years of industrial experience. He has worked in both distribution and as a territory manager for a cutting tool manufacturer. He brings years of experience in cutting tool application skills, as well as extensive local market knowledge. 

Todd currently lives in the Charlotte area with his wife of 36 years, Tammy, and has two grown children - Dylan and Blake who live in the area. In his free time, Todd enjoys offshore fishing with his sons and creating with his CNC router.

Help us welcome Todd to the Fullerton family in his new role as an Application Specialist!

How to Reach Todd:
E: | C: 704.223.3592

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