Revolutionizing Medical Mold Manufacturing: How Prestige Mold Elevated Their Game with Fullerton's 3500 Fury End Mill

At Prestige Mold Inc., nestled at the cutting edge of the medical industry, the search for the perfect end mill is more than just a necessity - it's a passion. Enter Jeff Graffham, Prestige's seasoned CNC Mill Department Lead, whose enthusiasm for precision and efficiency is almost as sharp as the tools he masters. Jeff gives us a peek into how Fullerton's 3500 Fury high-performance end mill has dramatically transformed its production landscape.


"Before the Fury, we leaned on cutting tools from other manufacturers," Jeff explains. "Great tools, indeed, but when we switched to Fullerton's Fury, we noticed it didn't just keep pace - it raced ahead. It lasts longer even when we push it hard, exactly what we need for our around-the-clock operations." This boost in tool life is a game changer for Prestige, enabling extensive lights-out machining periods vital for staying ahead in the competitive medical field.

What tipped the scales towards Fullerton? It was a blend of the Fury's superior longevity, cost-savings prowess, and stellar performance that sealed the deal. Since embracing the Fury, Prestige hasn't just cut back on frequent tool changes - they've turbocharged their overall productivity.

The outcome is stunning: more economical production runs and rigorous adherence to the stringent quality standards that medical mold manufacturing demands. The 3500 Fury isn't just a tool; it's the linchpin in Prestige Mold's quest to redefine what's possible in their industry.

Fullerton's unwavering dedication to excellence shines through with the 3500 Fury, making it a pivotal asset for trailblazers like Prestige Mold, who are set on reshaping the landscape of efficiency and precision in their craft.

Curious about the difference Fullerton's state-of-the-art tools can make in your operations? Dive deeper into the world of possibilities by exploring the Fury offering

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