Tool Tip: Consistency in Process, the Ultimate Value

Last month we talked about our foundational approach to provide tool development (which you can access at This month we will dig further into the stages necessary to provide consistent quality and value to our customers.

Many years ago, our management team made a defining shift toward concentrating on the inspection side of our business. "Say what you do and do what you say" if you will. With major input from Plant Engineering, Production Management, and operators, investments in the very latest inspection technologies were set as a priority. The importance of this decision then, shines thru today, and could be the single greatest decision leading to brand consistency and value.

With this investment in often redundant, but necessary inspection tools throughout both of our facilities, we created many levels of process control and verification. Eliminating, inspection gridlocks, and allowed multiple operators to verify specifications simultaneously. Today, Plant Engineering continues to look for advancements and test the latest equipment and processes from around the world.

With the latest inspection methods locked down, our Production Team could then easily define Machine and Process capabilities as well as necessary inspection criteria that confidently challenges any of the competition. Process capabilities lead to a full understanding of sustainable tolerances, many times more stringent than standard tolerances accepted in the industry. Understanding of these fundamental capabilities improved productivity and drove value to the end user.

The last portion in this investment is a focused commitment on training. First, internal training with individual operators, work groups and departments leading to internal process predictability and complete process understanding. Consistencies that can only be developed with a full understanding of how previous and post operation can affect process control at various stages. Secondly, with external trainings to our Sales Network and partners, providing consistent communication and technical training on key features that separate us from other solid carbide round tool manufacturers.

Investment in solid product and processes expressed through consistent predictability builds confidence and momentum throughout the entire team. This confidence is what brings the value to the product and partnerships we enjoy today.

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