Why Edge Preps Are Important

Edge preparation is defined by Cutting Tool Engineering as "Conditioning of the cutting edge, such as a honing or chamfering, to make it stronger and less susceptible to chipping." In this write up we will discuss edge preparation as it relates to cutting surfaces on carbide cutting tools. 

2022-Edge-PrepsA properly sharpened edge is the key to consistency, tool life, and surface finish. To be able to properly prepare edges for the work they must do, we must be able to measure a very small radius, some specialized measuring devices are used. Fullerton Tool can put a radius on a cutting edge and accurately measure down to about 4 microns (about .00016 inches). For reference, a human hair is about 75 microns in diameter.

With innovation in materials, today and manufacturers expect very high-performance results from their cutting tools to compete globally. Edge prep has helped push cutting tools to the next level. As you would guess edge prep for aluminum is a bit different than that for steel, cast iron, composites, etc. At Fullerton, we consider edge prep as important as coatings and they are the basis for high-performance cutting tools and increased productivity and performance for general purpose cutting tools. Our experts are working hard to keep our cutters working hard for you.

If you have an application where you don't think you are getting all you can from your carbide tooling, contact our Fullerton team to see what we can do to help improve your processes. Contact our Engineering team via the Live Chat button or email us at

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