In The R&D Lab - Machining Automotive Components in 4340 Steel

In the R&D Lab - Machining Automotive Components in 4340 Steel

Believe it or not, occasionally our R&D Lab engineers are kind enough to let me visit the lab and sometimes even let me share some of the projects they’re working on. Today was one of those days. They have granted me access to share their latest challenge – improving a client’s current manufacturing process for an automotive component in 4340 steel by reducing spindle time and temperature. Of course, this is a client project so some specs must be kept private for client confidentiality purposes, but check out the results below.

Challenge: Reduce Spindle Time and Temperature in 4340 Steel
Industry: Automotive

Customer’s Current Specifications:
Current Process:
.7500” Diameter Fully Engaged
Time: 7.5 Seconds
Results: Heavy chatter and high cutting temperatures

R&D Lab Solution:
Fantom 2.0 Advanced Performance End Mill
New Process: 20% Radial Controlled Engagement, Dry Machining
Time: 4.5 Seconds (40% faster)
Results: 800 SFM at 92 IPM
Temperatures: Fantom 2.0 with FC 20 Coating
Cutting: 116 Degrees | Part: 110 Degrees

Temperatures: Fantom 2.0 with FC 18 Coating
Cutting: 145 Degrees | Part: 120 Degrees


For this project, the Fantom 2.0 with FC-20 coating is the recommended solution for this client’s application. It’s also a great example of how our R&D team works closely with clients to help establish the best tool for their application, whether standard or specialized.

In addition to our R&D team, we also have great, easy-to-use resources on our website to assist with tool selection and speeds and feeds. Click here to access our End Mill Selection Guide.

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