Kremin Inc. Cost Savings Case Study with 3500 Fury End Mill

Guaranteed Cost Savings:

Guaranteed cost savings is one of our core focuses here at Fullerton Tool.  Our Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team works closely with distributors and manufacturers to find the best tool for the end user's manufacturing process as well as help program the tool for optimal manufacturing.  Check out how we helped Kremin Inc. reduce cycle time, increase parts per tool, and generate cost savings with our 3500 Series Fury End Mill.

Process Improvement with 3500 Series Fury End Mill:

We improved Kremin Inc.'s manufacturing process in 17-4PH Stainless Steel with a 1/2" 3500 Series Fury End Mill.  Watch the video and check out our side-by-side comparison of how our Fury stacked up against Competitor C's End Mill.

3500 Series Fury End Mill, 1/2" Diameter, 0.03 Radius, FC-20 Coating
EDP #: 35234

Fullerton 3500 Series Fury End Mill vs. Competitor C End Mill

Material: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Process: Peel Milling

Fullerton 3500 Series Fury End Mill vs. Competitor C End Mill
Parts Per Tool:
Fullerton Fury: 16 parts             
Competitor C: 3 parts

Run Time Per Part:
Fullerton Fury: 12 minutes
Competitor C: 40 minutes 

Longer Life Product Savings: $4,838.59

Shop Rate Savings in Hours: $5,100.00

TOTAL SAVINGS: $9,939.59 

Want help improving your manufacturing process?  Contact our Fullerton Advanced Solutions Team at 855.722.7243.

About Kremin Inc.
Kremin Inc. provides contract manufacturing services for the industrial and transportation markets. Their experience and highly skilled workforce bring experience and quality to OEMs in the industrial and transportation manufacturing market. Headquarter in the heart of the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan, Kremin Inc. leverages its 30 years of experience as a Company in the industrial and automotive center of the national and global markets to deliver value for their customers. 

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