2020 Supplier of the Year

Here at Fullerton, we partner with various suppliers that help support us in manufacturing high quality carbide cutting tools. Supplier performance is fundamental to our success and we feel it necessary to recognize such exemplary performance by awarding one of our trusted partners with our Supplier of the Year award. We recently awarded H.B. Carbide with our 2020 Supplier of the Year award, which you can find more about why we chose them by reading below.


H.B. Carbide | 2020 Supplier of the Year

H.B. Carbide, located in Lewiston, Michigan, is the recipient of Fullerton's 2020 Supplier of the Year award. H.B. Carbide has been a supplier and key partner with us for over 25 years. We chose H.B. Carbide as our 2020 Supplier of the Year because they continuously deliver outstanding customer service and personal attention to the Fullerton team. They are responsive to urgency, collaborate on product development, and make it incredibly easy to work with. 

"H.B. Carbide is very deserving of the Supplier or the Year Award." Stated John Sheehan, Supply Chain Manager for Fullerton Tool Company. "They do an excellent job partnering with us, they provide awesome communication and response times to our team, and overall do an excellent job working with us."


About H.B. Carbide

H.B. Carbide manufactures tungsten carbide custom, altered standard and standard blanks and pre-forms, starting from powder production through finished ground blanks available in a comprehensive selection of grades to deliver high-performance, reliable near-net shaped blanks that address specialized customer application challenges across diverse industries.

Find out more about H.B. Carbide, their precision carbide blanks, or preforms at

Visit HB Carbide

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