Advanced Performance Weldon Flat - A Better Shank Flat

Are you looking to increase tool-holding capabilities with your cutting tools? We offer many shank treatments and options, one of the most popular and simplest being the Weldon Flat. The Weldon Flat was invented by Carl A. Bergstrom in 1918 and at times is considered old technology. At the time the simple shank flat was more than sufficient to lock the tool into the holder, increasing grip strength and eliminating pull-out. With advancements in technology, considerations to rigidity, and further standardization of the tool holder market, we adapted our own version, making necessary improvements to the original, and came up with the Advanced Performance Weldon Flat. 

The Advanced Performance Weldon Flat addresses the shortcomings of the original flat. It eliminates the flute hollow in the holder allowing full radial grip of the holder and protecting it from numerous issues, like reduction in gripping force, holder erosion, chip packing and nesting, balance issues, and potential for catastrophic damage to the holder from tool breakage.  We recommend using the Advanced Performance Weldon Flat for any new applications where tool-holding is needed. Check out the specs below. 

Advanced Performance Weldon Flat Specifications












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