End Mill Troubleshooting Guide


Modern programming methods, upgraded materials, and advanced cutting tools have helped extend the cutting tool lifespan despite the ever-increasing workload they are exposed to. Skilled users should be aware of the most frequent causes of premature carbide failures and should acquire the skills to recognize and correct minor problems. We will discuss common causes and solutions you may face in applying carbide tooling.

The following table lists some of the common problems encountered in machining operations. While it can be very helpful in identifying the source of many problems, keep in mind our applications and engineering teams will always be available to help you optimize your cutting tools.

End Mill Troubleshooting Guide

Issue Cause Solution
Tool Break Feed Rate Excessive Increase SFM
Depth of Cut Excessive Reduce Depth of Cut
Excessive Tool Overhang Reduce Tool Stick Out
Excessive Tool Wear Regrind Sooner
Excessive Wear Speed Is Too Fast Decrease Speed
Hard Work Material Change Coating
Wrong Speed/Feed Increase Speed/Feed
Primary Relief Angle Too Low Change to Larger Relief Angle
Recutting Chips Change Feed/Speed/Increase Coolant
Poor Surface Finish Feed Rate Too Fast Correct Feed/Speed Rates
Cutting Speed Too Slow Increase RPM
Recutting Chips Change Feed/Speed/Increase Coolant
Excessive Wear Regrind Sooner
Tool Runout Check Tool Runout in Holder/Spindle, <.0003 TIR Desired
Excessive Tool Overhang Reduce Tool Stick Out
Reduce SFM/Increase IPT
Chip Packing Cut Too Heavy Decrease Depth and Width of Cut
Minimal Chip Clearance End Mill with Fewer Flutes
Lack of Coolant Higher Coolant Pressure/Reposition Nozzle


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