Regrind & Reconditioning, a Look Into Extended Cost Savings and Value


What better way to extend value and precision to our customers than renewing your used tooling to factory specifications? In today's world of high performance tooling, simple regrinds can be much more than that. Varying helix's, rakes, flute spacing, edge preparation and coatings can be renewed by Fullerton to the exact same standards you enjoy on your new tools. Last month we spoke of Functional Value (see last months post at, this is the commitment we hold to you. Through initial engineering, tools are inherently designed around future regrind and reconditioning, adding an additional value. These inherent regrind characteristics are often overlooked when considering the initial cost of the tool. Fullerton not only encourages regrinds, but expects it.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Fullerton was working to position ourselves to further support and add value to our trusted partners with the acquisition of a dedicated regrind center on the west coast. Fullerton also restructured and re-evaluated all our processes in our Michigan factories. The main reason for this shift in the business model was to further streamline our services, with a focus on value after the initial purchase with OEM style regrinds. Regrinds can extend tool life for a fraction of the price of a new tool.

Not only are these tools renewed to the same standard, coating and edge preps, but most often they are renewed on the same machines that manufactured them new. This leads to predictable grinds and falls to our predetermined systems of stock removal, identification, and systems we have employed for years.

  • There is no reason to remove any more material than necessary to renew the cutting edge. With this, Fullerton Regrind Specialists inspect, identify, and segregate batch lots that can be run together. This adds value, reduces costs, and adds to internal efficiency.
  • Regrinds can be identified by many different methods to aid your operators in set-up. Coating, dies, paint markers, grinds, labeling, and etching are just a few of the systems we use daily to communicate variations to customers daily.

Interested in learning more about our Regrind and Reconditioning capabilities? Contact your Fullerton Regrind Specialist today at and let them streamline your regrind process. We make it easy. Ask them about special shipping containers and flat rate shipping today. Just one more reason how Fullerton adds convenience and value through commitment to our customers.

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