Functional Value of General Purpose End Mills


Our primary purpose is to provide our customers with cost-effective, high-quality, solid carbide round tool solutions at competitive prices. In the past we have discussed our consistency in our processes, and foundational approach to tool designs.

These traits can best be described as the basis for Functional Value. In the case of our general purpose end mills, functional value involves all the core processes and systems that customers are not paying for. These processes and systems are deeply engrained in our culture. Often development for the higher end, performance side of our offering, these systems naturally trickle down to the general purpose tools automatically in our tool strategy.

The benefits of this tool strategy can be seen in everything we do. The nearly 150 years combined experience in our production engineering team, makes Fullerton one of the most detail oriented companies in the industry. Our innovative manufacturing processes and years of experience ensure the best possible value for cost conscious metalworking consumers. 

Consider our General Purpose End Mills a cut above the rest. With our vast inventory of sizes, configurations, and coatings we can provide a solution for your needs. Start your search for the perfect General Purpose End Mill at or contact your dedicated Fullerton sales contact to get started. Find your dedicated sales team at


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