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Rep Spotlight: RAM Sales & Marketing

Posted by Beth Bauer on October 26, 2020

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Employee Spotlight - Ben Martinez

Posted by Beth Bauer on October 09, 2020

Get to know Ben martinez, coating technician.

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Diamond Coating - Is It Worth The Cost?

Posted by Mark Donze on October 09, 2020

Here at Fullerton, we have various types of coatings, but our FC1 coated tools are one of the strongest and durable types of cutting tools. Our FC1 coating is a layer of diamond that is bonded to the carbide tool. This coating requires special carbide grades. Because of this, the only standard tooling this coating can be added to is our MATRX line of tooling. The MATRX line is available in a low wear grade of carbide that works well in abrasive materials without coating and much better with a layer of FC1 added. We can also manufacture specials out of the special carbide grade that will take the FC1 coating. This coating works great in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), Metal Matrix Composite (MMC), and other highly abrasive materials.

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Case Study - 3116 TiMill End Mill

Posted by Beth Bauer on September 21, 2020
Case Study | 3116 timill End Mill

Check out our latest Proven Cost Savings, where our high performance end mill reduces in part machining costs, machining time, and generates more parts per tool.

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Topics: End Mills, high performance, high performance end mills, fury, case study, 3500

Employee Spotlight - Kim Dunlop

Posted by Beth Bauer on September 21, 2020

Get to know Kim Dunlop, office manager at fullerton's huntington beach location.

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