Saw Blade Applications & Efficiencies


This month we will discuss three effective ways our engineering and applications teams use our popular 2450 Ferrous saws and 2455 Non-Ferrous saws to provide additional manufacturing efficiencies and lower tooling costs. Saws can be an often overlooked and misunderstood product but applied effectively will build stable long-term processes. 

Saws with consideration to initial fixturing and process concerns can effectively replace small diameter end mill in slotting, creating predictable process and reduce tool setup and changes based on the increased number of cutting edges, and cut depths when applied correctly. The saws natural guide characteristics promote stability and will inherently remove chips far more effectively than an end mill.

Secondly, saws can be easily ganged together and tuned with spacers to provide multiple slots in one pass. With this, special considerations must be given to tolerances to ensure the inherent cumulative error stays within part tolerances. In the case of our 2455 Non-Ferrous series, I have seen aluminum heat sink applications go to 20 saws or more with the proper set-ups. We can easily provide sets with matched diameters based on our inventory and batching systems.

Lastly, consider stacking multiple blades together, creating complex details in a single pass. These blades can be shimmed and preset to provide simple effective details like precision slots, chamfers, and undercuts. In one case we provide a multi saw gang set up not only as new tools, but efficiently controls customer regrinds by breaking down saw assemblies and regrinding to a prescribed regrind plan, reassembling, verifying, and returning the complete assembly all mounted on the arbor.

We have a long-standing history in combining multiple operations into single-source tooling why not consider a gang saw set as another way to increase process stability and reduce cycle times. Contact our team and let them help you through the considerations of potential saw applications, we make it easy and are just another reasons we have the best team in the business.

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