SVSU MFG Engineer - 2022 Senior Capstone Project

We at Fullerton have been fortunate enough to work with Saginaw Valley State University's engineering students throughout the past 10 years on their Senior Capstone Project, which helps students gain real-word experience. Every year, these talented students continue to amaze us and we're so proud to be involved with these future engineers. Find out more about this years Senior Capstone Project by reading below.


Through Coolant Hole Cleaning System

Engineering students at Saginaw Valley State University worked closely with our Manuacturing Engineering team to help solve a real-world problem that we were facing, regarding remaining debris left inside the coolant holes of our cylindrical cutting tools. The debris was resulting from various manufacturing processes in making the actual tools and the debris must be removed before the tools are shipped to our customers. That's where the engineering students came in, examined our manufacturing process, and got to brainstorming and testing. The SVSU engineering students designed a solution using pressurized water that removes the debris from inside the coolant holes of our tooling while the tools process through our current tool cleaning workflow. By incorporating it into the workflow it will provide another tool in our belt to quickly and easily ensure that our customers receive only the best products.

We want to thank the wonderful and talented engineering students at SVSU! We appreciate your dedication and hard work and look forward to see all that you accomplish in your careers. 

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